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Umbrellas, Umbrels, Unique and Unusual

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~ U for umbrellas and unique.  It’s the time of year when we hope we don’t need to use rain umbrellas but I do use umbrellas a lot in the garden. One year I turned an umbrella into a display for the spring.  The old saying April showers bring May flowers was the theme for this unusual wreath/display. Did you know an old fashioned word for umbrella is bumbershoot?  I love unusual and unique words. But I do have rain umbrellas.  My fun umbrellas are from my teaching days.  It was important to cheer things up on rainy days when meeting
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Boots and Bumbershoots

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~ Bumbershoot is the old fashioned name for umbrella. I love unusual words.  I decided to turn that umbrella upside down, add some spring things and make a bumbershoot display instead of the traditional wreath.   I have several umbrellas but didn’t want to use one for the display because I will most likely need it for those rainy days that will be coming soon.  A trip to the dollar store is always fun and this time I was looking for an umbrella.  I had recently purchased some forsythia branches thinking I would do a wreath.  I added some ribbon that
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