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Alphabetical Gardening – W

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We welcome a wide variety of birds beginning with W … waxwings, wrens, and woodpeckers of many types including the downy, hairy, red headed, red bellied and pileated. I have a feeling we are a bit weather obsessed as there are numerous instruments to check out the weather … weather vanes, thermometers, wind gauge, and digital weather stations. There are also a couple of whimsical ways to predict the weather with the yarn weather forecaster and the weather rock. The windmill garden is in a sunny area of the back garden.  The old converted fountain, hummer and oriole feeders, and other bits of
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The Pileated Woodpecker

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~ What a thrill to see a pileated woodpecker in the back garden. There she was at the base of the old dead tree drilling away in search of insects. A bit of research in the birding books told us this was a female.  On the male the red on the head goes all the way down to the beak.  Also the males have a red stripe to the side of the beak. At other times she visited the feeders.  Here she is trying out a bird cake recipe that I make.  Homemade suet is quick and easy to make and once
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W for Weigela

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The Red Prince Weigela has been in the garden for about 8 years now.  It has bloomed since first planted but in the past couple of years it has put on a spectacular show or red blooms. This is a spreading deciduous shrub with masses of red spring blooms and a surprise to follow. The lovely red buds promise blooms to come soon. And then comes the wonderful surprise of more blooms late in the summer.  I’ve noticed the spring blooms are more profuse. We have it planted on the north side of the house, but it is well away
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Red Bellied Woodpecker

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We love it when we spot a new visitor to the garden.  On Sunday October 13, 2012  around bird feeding time (between 4:30 and 5) a red bellied woodpecker was spotted on the peanut feeder.  There was just time to snap a few photos through the kitchen door.  This is a medium sized woodpecker with a black and white back described as zebra like. The male has the red head from beak down its back neck.  The female has a red patch on the back of the head. The next image is a little blurry but gives a good view
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