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The Plant Nanny

Categories: Plants and The Garden 2018.

~ I love the challenge of recycling and reusing, and wine bottles is a favourite thing of mine to use in the garden.   It takes awhile to collect the blue bottles but the green is fairly common for wine bottles.  A feature in my garden is my bottle tree. It has had a few different transformations over the years.  It started out on a lilac bush that just stopped growing so I trimmed it down and added the bottles and other things.  After awhile that trunk just snapped away, which was expected as it was a dead tree. It
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WaterDots for Planters

Categories: Container Gardening.

Recently I was the lucky winner of a bag of WaterDots from Judith at Lavender Cottage.  This is a new product that you use in your planters to help stop them from drying out quickly. WaterDots are made by a Canadian company and you can find all the information on their website.  They hold 10 times their weight in water and keep the soil hydrated. Be sure to follow the instructions on the package for optimal use. First you soak them in water.  Then you mix them in with the soil at the bottom of your pots.  I divided my bagful
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