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Getting More Seasonal

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~ The weather is getting more seasonal as we move into October.  The Fall colours haven’t been as spectacular this year and the past few days have been rainy and windy causing the leaves to flutter to the ground. We have a few different ways to check on the weather, besides just looking or standing outside.  One of them is a Fitzroy storm glass.  For just about all of the summer this barometer didn’t register anything and I was beginning to think it wasn’t working and needed resetting.  But in the past couple of weeks the crystal formations have been
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The Hanging Mesh Feeder

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For my birthday I received this lovely whimsical hanging mesh bird feeder.  As that was back in March it has been hanging in the third bedroom, which is also my sewing room.  A few weeks ago I got it hanging in one of the cedar trees so that it is visible from the deck. The top of the feeder has a metal cut out bird and it has been decorated with goldfinches, bugs and other nature items.  So it was very fitting that the first birds to find and enjoy this feeder were the goldfinches. At first they were a
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White Crowned Sparrows

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Have you looked closely at the sparrows?  There are many different varieties that visit our gardens and many times we tend to just refer to them as sparrows instead of their actual name.  One of the most distinctive sparrows that is easily identified is the white crowned sparrow. The head has black and white stripes on it.  They are ground feeders but also visit our flat feeder and seed feeder. These sparrows pass through our garden in fairly large groups at the beginning of spring and towards the middle of fall probably on their way to and from their breeding
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