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Getting More Seasonal

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~ The weather is getting more seasonal as we move into October.  The Fall colours haven’t been as spectacular this year and the past few days have been rainy and windy causing the leaves to flutter to the ground. We have a few different ways to check on the weather, besides just looking or standing outside.  One of them is a Fitzroy storm glass.  For just about all of the summer this barometer didn’t register anything and I was beginning to think it wasn’t working and needed resetting.  But in the past couple of weeks the crystal formations have been
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White Throated Sparrows

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The white throated sparrow is another species of sparrows that can be overlooked.  This little guy is not to be confused with the white crowned sparrow.  The black and white head stripes are similar, except the white throated has little yellow patches close to the beak and it also has a little white throat. This is a medium sized sparrow about 16 to 18 cm. long.  Colouring on the back, wings and tail is typical for sparrows. They breed throughout Canada but head south for the winter months. These little birds are sometimes call the Canada bird as their song
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