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Improving the Windmill Garden

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The improvement/downsizing of the windmill garden has been one of the big projects so far this year. After working in this garden this is how it looks right now. My aim is to make the garden as maintenance free as possible. So keeping the old fountain filled with plants and watering it constantly was one of the first things to go. The cement blocks had started to look untidy and keeping the grass out of them was a monumental task, so they had to go to. Both went to new garden owners. The size of the garden was cut down
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Creating and Downsizing

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Gardening just doesn’t happen overnight. Last year we decided to create a new garden between the back trees which is a shady area. The first thing we did was bring home a lot of logs from the local landfill which would become the edge of the garden. Some of the logs were cut, a trench dug, and the logs were set in place. We also had some old railway ties which were put in for another edging. This was done in early fall as the leaves were falling. Lots of leaves were piled into the new garden area and on
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Do You Name Your Gardens?

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~ Do you name your gardens?  I do, nothing fancy but usually related to something in the garden or the location of the garden. This just helps to keep the areas straight in my mind or if I’m talking about them to someone else.  Here is a quick peek into the garden areas. These photos were all taken at 6 pm.  The fence garden is doing well after some changes.  Some wooden edging was added after it was resized a bit.  Last year I followed this garden on a monthly basis to track the progress. The shady front garden, seen in
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The Windmill Garden in August

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I’m rather later with my weekly garden review this week.  We have family visiting from British Columbia so my days are spent enjoying 2 little grandchildren and their parents.  I don’t have lots of photos to share of the garden but have taken time to update my plant growth.  I’ve been using scheduled posts every couple of days but will be back to regular postings at the end of the week. An extra pair of strong hands and muscles helped move an old cement fountain from the garage into the windmill garden.  It comes apart into 4 pieces and the
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