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Closing out November

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~ It is lovely and sunny today but the wind is very strong and cold.  We had some snow this morning and at times it was like being in a snow globe.  The wind was blowing the snow around and around.  It’s the perfect day to stay inside.  November is coming to an end and winter is still making an appearance even though there is a month to go before it officially starts. I recently made another batch of the all season suet I use.  This time I used cardboard tubes cut about 6 cm or 2.5 inches high and
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Winter is Knocking

Categories: The Garden 2018 and What's Been Happening?.

~ Winter is knocking at the door.  We had a couple of brief snow showers a few days ago but that only lasted a few hours.  Last night a huge system moved into southern Ontario and left a thick coating of snow.  Thank goodness for the Canadian flag and the blue bottle tree else there would be no colour at all. Here are both bottle trees coated in snow.  Did I mention it is only mid November and technically it is still Fall. Yesterday we had the red bellied woodpecker visiting the peanut feeder.  I’m sure he knew more than
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