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Fall-ing into October

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  We are into a new season now.  September finished off with a really hot spell, in fact some of the days were hotter than the in July and August.  A quick rain storm abruptly brought that weather to an end and in a matter of minutes the temperature started dropping down. It was so hot the squirrel was relaxing under the back tree. The garden has been un-decorated and all stored away in the garage and shed.  I planted up a new couple of new yucca plants that I had grown from some root when a big plant got
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Promising Growth

Categories: The Garden 2017.

Regardless of the weather the gardens keep growing as May moves towards the end of the month.  There is lots of promising growth.   The gorgeous lilacs are blooming, transplanting is happening, lots of growth of all the plants, and the rhubarb is getting huge. One of the yuccas from the front garden didn’t look too healthy, probably because it bloomed last year and now new little plants will grow.  I moved it to a bit more sunnier location and while digging it I also dug up a lot of the root.  In an experiment I’m potting up the root and
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The July Garden

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July is here and the pace of living and blogging has slowed right down.   The weather is gorgeous for sitting in the garden to watch, read, knit, crochet, craft and photograph. In fact some days it has been so humid, even the shade feels hot.  Thursday was one of those days when the humidex was close to 40 Celsius so even sitting in the shade is hot. So I took the opportunity to spend some time putting together five things from the garden this month to share with Five on Friday. The first to share is the gorgeous yucca.  The
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