The Arrival of June

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That old saying of June is busting out all over is certainly true in the garden.  With the very wet spring we have had the plants are growing and growing and I can see that many will surpass the size they reached last year during the really dry spell we had.   But things could change.

We had a gorgeous visitor to the gardens for a few days … an indigo bunting.

indigo bunting at

 What a wonderful blue colour but he was sure elusive and always seemed to be at the back of the feeder or showed just a glimpse of his feathers.

indigo bunting at

The rhubarb just grew and grew and even produced a bloom.  I let it go for a few days just so I could get some photos of it.

rhubarb flower at

It didn’t hurt the growth of the plant at all.  So far I’ve made 2 good sized apple/rhubarb crumbles and froze several packets of rhubarb so we can enjoy that tasty treat next winter.  I’ve also been cleaning out the upright freezer so it can get stocked up with things like the rhubarb, beans and peas and fresh veggies from the farm stands.  Then over the winter we eat from the freezer!

apple rhubarb crumble at

The recipe is from my favourite British cookery book, The Dairy book of Home Cookery, published in 1977.  I’ve had my copy since 1979 when we lived in England and it has been very well used.  You can find a printable recipe here.

The Dairy Book of Home Cookery

I’m hoping we get a bit more warmth during June as I usually start the day out with a sweater on.  The flowers have been blooming, the scented lily of the valley and the lilacs, and now the tall iris are in bloom.  The hosta leaves are getting huge.  I did have mulch to get down in the front garden but as it was so wet during May I never did get started and now everything is growing so well I’m going to have to move a lot of plant leaves and stalks to get it all down.

I seem to be down to one post a week on the website but I am sharing photos of my garden on Instagram.  Stop by and follow along and I’ll pay you a visit on there if you do.

Enjoy June as the gardens really grow and grow and grow.

the gardener side at

The Gardener Side of me keeps my online garden journal to help me keep track of when the plants sprout, bud and bloom

2013 … 2014 … 2015… 2016 … 2017

Growing well: ditch lilies, iris, red carpet stonecrop, evening primrose, lady’s mantle, daylilies, ligularia, ferns,  drumstick allium, false spirea,  sedum, penstemon, hosta, mint, garlic chives, obedient plant, coreopsis, obedient plant, sorrel, heliopsis,  clematis

Planting:  canna, elephant ears,  parsley, lettuce, tomatoes, 

Sprouting: peas,  4 o’clocks, beans, potatoes, 

Transplanting: yucca, false spirea, lavender, coreopsis, yellow daylily, mini iris, hosta

Budding: honeysuckle vine, yellow molly alliums, Egyptian walking onions, meadow sage, coral bells

Harvesting: rhubarb,

Blooming: vinca,  bleeding heart,  ajuga, sand cherry, honeysuckle shrub, poppies, mountain bluets, lily of the valley, solomon seal, chives, tall yellow and purple iris,

Blooms finished: crocus, pussy willows, red trillium, mini iris,  trillium, hyacinth, daffodils, tulips,  mid size yellow iris, lilacs,

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