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I love trees of all sorts and decided to create a Nature tree in the corner of the dining room this year.  I have previously made one in the entrance hall, but it was a little crowded when more than one person came at a time, especially when winter coats, boots, and packages were involved.

a Nature tree at

This year I cut some branches from the garden and formed them into an inside tree instead of using parts of the old Christmas tree.  I gathered up all the little felt birds that I made a few years ago, made some pinecone garlands, some nature related ornaments and added lights.  I will add some of my homemade snowflakes when the Christmas decorations finally get unpacked.

making pinecone garlands at

The garlands were so easy to make with pinecones and twine.  I selected pinecones all the same size, some were bleached and some weren’t.  Cut a length of twine and start by knotting it around one pinecone.  Leave a space and tie on another pinecone and continue until the end of the twine.  Make it as long or as short as you wish.  I used spruce cones and pine cones to make three separate garlands.

making small 5 pointed stars at

Ages ago I made larger 5 pointed twig stars for decorating outside.  I just used the same idea and made them small enough for the inside nature tree.  Cut branches all the same thickness (I used lilac twigs), measure so they are all about the same length (about 10 cm)  You put the first two slightly crossing at the top, add another two to the side and the fifth twig connects the side and bottom point.  If you are a visual learner follow the bottom 3 photos above.

The first one I made I used the twine but found it a bit thick and hard to knot, so I switched to using 26 gauge beading wire and found it much easier to twist and fasten the twigs together.

making small 5 pointed stars at

Next to be made were some pinecone ornaments.  I used the tiny little flower type cones from the northern white cedar trees to make these.  They were glued onto an old small ornament that probably came from an old Christmas corsage.  You are in my age bracket if you remember those corsages made with tinsel, cones, ornaments usually on a leaf of some sort.

making tiny pinecone ornaments at

These tiny ornaments didn’t have any way of hanging them, so I used my trusty method of a button and a hook or fishing line.  I used the top method with fishing line when I made the crafty ornaments and the bottom method with the hook for the pinecone ornaments.  Both methods work really well and can be covered in with what you are adding the the styrofoam ball or the old ornament.

how to add a hook to an ornament at

Can you spot the twig stars (wire & twine), the finished pinecone ornament and an acorn cap ornament?

the Nature tree at

I used a clear ornament, the glue gun, caps from acorns, white glue and glitter to make another ornament for the Nature tree.

making an acorn cap ornament at

The Nature tree was fun to put together and as the Christmas decorations come out I’ll be finding some more things to add to it.

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  1. Kea

    I LOVE that tree, what a wonderful idea! I think my cats would make quick work of something like that, but you’ve made the wheels spin in my brain all the same, wondering if I could do something similar on a smaller scale. Hmmm…..!