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Granny squares were one of the first things I learned to crochet, nothing fancy like all the granny squares out there today, just a plain and simple granny square.
We recently had some new furniture delivered and that gave me the perfect excuse to make a new crochet afghan.  So it was time to look back at all the afghans I’ve made for some inspiration.

I still have the very first one I made when learning to make granny squares.  It was made in blocks of 12 which were hand stitched together and from time to time I have to restitch parts of it. Around the outside of the 12 blocks I did a row of white and then blue.  The blue rectangles were all edged in white and then the whole thing had white and blue edging added.  Not a fancy edging, just the 3 double crochets in the spaces.  This one must be close to 40 years old as I learned to crochet when pregnant with our first daughter.

granny square afghans from craftygardener.ca

Then I went through a phase and made lots of the lapghans using the pattern, Thoroughly Modern Granny from the book Ultimate Book of Scrap Afghans.  I call these lapghans as they tuck over your lap and legs while sitting in the armchair. I thought I would look back over ones I’ve made over the years for some inspiration.   I started this pattern with a friend when we made afghans to donate to our school auction.  We did these ones over two consecutive years.  Each of us crocheted half the squares, then one of us crocheted them together and one of us added the fringe.

 granny square afghans from craftygardener.ca

 It uses the regular granny square with loops on all corners.  It is a fun pattern to make and something you can work at one square at a time. Each time you get to a corner you do a chain of 10, join to form loop at corner and continue along with the regular crochet of the granny square. Do this on 3 rounds, and then the 4th is just the regular crochet. When I do the last round, at each corner starting at the inside, you poke the loop through the next loop. When you get to the last loop, you just do the regular crochet around the corner.

Clear as mud???  After you’ve made a few it becomes as easy as pie!  I’m sure you can still buy the pattern book either in stores or online.

I liked it so much I started making them for myself, for family and for friends.  Over several years they were done in greens, browns and beiges.  Another matched the old paint scheme of burgundy, blue and sage green with beige for the connecting and edging.  For a couple of years everyone on my Christmas list got one of the lapghans.

granny square afghans from craftygardener.ca

It is a great stash busting projects.   You can change how it looks by the colour scheme you choose.  I’ve done a variety of colours, blocks with the same colour for the last round, and blocks all the same colour scheme.   Some of these lapghans were made BDC (before digital cameras) and I had taken some photographs and scanned them.  I didn’t take photos of all my projects BDC so some I have no record of.

I’ll share some other afghans I’ve made in a few more posts and hopefully by then I will have picked out a colour scheme and pattern to make.

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