Have you heard of a twiddle muff?  I had to look it up the first time I heard of it.  It’s a hand muff (either knit or crochet) designed to be a stimulating activity patients for suffering from dementia.

It’s a double thickness and the items attached can be joined in right as you are knitting or crocheting or attached when finished.  You use different textures of yarns and different stitches to provide a tactile experience.

I used crochet as it worked up very quickly.  I cast on 55 stitches and worked the inside in rows of double crochet until it reached about 28-30 cm. in length.  The next part is where I used different yarns and stitches.  I have a lot of eyelash yarn that was gifted to me by a friend and some softer yarn leftover from another project.  I used the bobble stitch in a few rows for a different feel.  On one of the rows I added loops as I went along.

making a twiddlemuff at craftygardener.ca

On one row I had pre threaded beads onto the yarn and then just brought them up one at a time and used them right in the dc row.  This meant they were very secure.

making a twiddlemuff at craftygardener.ca

When finished I folded it and joined it all together to make the muff.  Goodness knows why I didn’t work it in the round the first time, but learned my lesson and did the second one in the round.  Everything is a learning experience.

making a twiddlemuff at craftygardener.ca

The photo to the left above shows the second twiddle muff made in the round.  For the inside of this one I chose to use two strands of yarn, one a worsted weight and the other an polyester eyelash yarn.  The second photo to the right shows how I turned it inside to measure how much more needed to be done. The blue part is actually the inside so I had a few more rounds to complete this one before stitching the open ends together.  And then there is a peek inside when it is finished showing the soft inner layer.

I also added a curlycue, a key, a jingle bell, a ribbon, buttons, and some bigger beads.  It is very important to attach the things very securely or better still join them in while you are working.

making a twiddlemuff at craftygardener.ca

January is Alzheimer Awareness month and the Rosehaven Yarn Store in Picton, Ontario is having a knit along to make them and will then be giving them to the local Alzheimers Society for distribution.  What a great initiative.  I’ve made two for my contribution.

making a twiddlemuff at craftygardener.ca

You really only limited by your own imagination.  There are patterns to be found if you search twiddle muff but the finished item depends on the types of yarn you have and the objects that you work into the muff.  It is a great stash busting project.

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It is satisfying to cross off projects on my crafting to do list  … … towel apronfixing of the gate tree, , gnome logs, fairy pot house, stash afghan in blues, stash afghan in multi, crochet twiddle muffneedle casefingerless mittscircle tote bag, driftwood, owl, hair bows..  What’s on your winter crafting list.


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  1. I’ve never heard of Twiddlemuffs, but can see their benefit. For some students in school we have Fidgets – things they can hold in their hands to play with that calm them down if they are anxious or need distraction. This seems like the same idea.
    Lorrie recently posted..How Green is Your Garden?My Profile

    • I always had a fidget bag full of all sorts of things, plus always had the odd thing in my pocket as you never knew when something would be needed. Assemblies were hard on kids with special needs. Have a good day.

  2. I have made four so far and have one on my needles as we speak. Tie in a couple of pieces of yarn inside so when they have their hands inside they have something to play with…..I also put knots in the yarn inside for texture.
    Gill recently posted..Made a decision……….My Profile

    • I’ve got another on the go to Gill. I did tie in some ribbon on the inside for added texture. I like the idea of knots in yarn. On my crochet ones I did a lot of bobble stitch, loops, and twirly bits. Hope you are keeping well and enjoying this mild January we have been having.

  3. I’d never heard of it before, but it sounds sort of similar to certain baby toys that also include ribbons and different textures. My father had Alzheimer’s and if he was still alive he would have turned 92 on January 16th, so although this is bittersweet for me, I love what you’re doing there and I’m sure your work will bring a smile to someone’s face.
    Thank you so much for sharing at The Really Crafty link Party this week. Pinned!

  4. These turned out great. I heard of twiddle muffs about a year ago from a friend of mine in my monthly knitting group. She made a couple to donate and they looked like a lot of fun with the different beads and things she added to them and the fun stitches.
    Kimberlee recently posted..One Row Lace Knit Scarf PatternMy Profile