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U for umbrellas and unique.  It’s the time of year when we hope we don’t need to use rain umbrellas but I do use umbrellas a lot in the garden.

One year I turned an umbrella into a display for the spring.  The old saying April showers bring May flowers was the theme for this unusual wreath/display.

Did you know an old fashioned word for umbrella is bumbershoot?  I love unusual and unique words.

making a bumbershoot display at

But I do have rain umbrellas.  My fun umbrellas are from my teaching days.  It was important to cheer things up on rainy days when meeting the school buses.  Now the grandkids love using them in the garden … raining or not!

rainy day bumbershoots at

The plant tables have their own umbrellas.  The back garden is south facing so gets a lot of sunlight so it is important to give a bit of shade to some of the plants during the hottest time of the day.  Holes were drilled at the end of the plant table and the garden umbrellas just slot through them.

shading the plant tables at

 Umbelliferae is a family of aromatic, hollow-stem plants most commonly known for their lacey, umbel-shaped flowers.  Umbels are a flat top or rounded flower that are sun loving plants with strong aroma.  Examples from my garden are lovage, sedum, dill, Queen Anne’s lace, parsley and yarrow (not a true umbel, but an umbel like).

umbels at

From the side, the flowers, composed of hundreds of individual florets, look like an umbrella turned inside-out by the wind and the stems resemble the spokes of umbrella.

I have some unique creations in the garden, from my inuksuk made out of bricks, to the tool wheel, the hosepipe wreath, the garden signs and rock tree.

unique garden art at

Photos of the letter U were found on different places … a bean from the veggie garden, a railing and an arch that I turned upside down.  The horseshoe is the perfect U above the shed door.  Fastening it this way means all the good luck that comes will be caught inside the horseshoe.

finding the letter U at

ABC Wednesday is up to U.  U for umbrellas, unusual and unique.

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  1. Whenever I read your posts, I get the urge to go decorate my garden. I saw a lovely feature online yesterday. An old bike, sprayed all white, with flowers and crochet added to it. One of these days…..

  2. Popping in to see what you were up to today. Good time for the umbrellas white the temps we are having so far. we had a horseshoe on our shed in Petrolia. Looks like your are settled in to enjoy your gardens and who knows what craft you will come up with next.

  3. Oh how nice they are…. I don’t use them, I only have one as part of a collection 😉
    But indeed, there are very beautiful and cute ones

    Have a splendid, ♥-warming ABC-Wednes-day / -week
    ♫ M e l ☺ d y ♪ (ABC-W-team)

    ABC Wednesday recently posted..22-U by MelodyMy Profile

  4. Bumbershoot is a word that has me smiling. Umbrella is a smiley word, too, for that matter. 🙂 Yesterday I thought about putting an umbrella or something like it over the volunteer squash plants. Poor guys were melting in the hot of the day. Good thing I glanced over. Oh, almost forgot, that’s a fun garden sign.

  5. Love the cute umbrella display. There’s a house in my neighbour that has a similar display on their door.

    Thanks for the visit! Cute tea-related items are my kryptonite!

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