Valentine Cup Cozy

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Recently I’ve had the scraps of felt out making some little felt critters and was inspired to make a Valentine cup cozy, or cup sweater as one of my visitors called them.

The quick and easy cup cozy that I shared before is for slipping over the take out cups from the coffee stores but didn’t work on my mugs at home.  So it was time to tweak the pattern a bit and add 2 buttons so that it would fit around a regular mug.

a Valentine cup cozy from

Here it is around my favourite mug that is just like a flower pot.  The mug cozy buttons around the handle and helps to keep my tea a little warmer and stops my fingers getting burnt when the tea is first made.

You need some yarn, 2 buttons, hook, felt, needle, embroidery floss and scissors.

Using worsted weight yarn and a 3.75 mm crochet hook, chain 42. 

Row 1 – The last 2 stitches count as the first dc.  In the third chain from the hook make 1 dc, then make 1 dc in each stitch across the chain, 40 dc in total.

Row 2, 3, 4, 5 – Chain 2 (first dc) and then dc across, 40 dc in total.

Chain 5 and then slip stitch into the second opening on the side.  Slip stitch down the side to the bottom, chain 5 and slip stitch into the last opening.  This will make a looped button hole at the top and bottom of the side.

Draw yarn through last stitch to close tight.  Stitch on a button at each end of the side opposite the button holes.

Cut some heart shapes out of the felt and with a running stitch fasten them onto the middle of the cup cozy.

Valentine mug cozy

Here is the cup cozy on a heart designed mug … perfect for Valentine Day.

Valentine mug cozy

These make lovely little gifts for a co-worker, friend or craft sale.  One year at work we did a Secret Friend exchange during Valentine week.  It brightened up an otherwise dull month of February.  Names were drawn and a little gift was given each day.  This would of been the perfect little gift to receive.

Valentine mug cozy

If you are selling them at a craft sale, why not add a few packets of tea.

Valentine mug cozy

It really is a no-brainer pattern and one you can figure out from just looking at the image.  But for those that would like a printable pattern … just click here.

I can see all sorts of seasonal cup cozies being made … perfect little gifts for during the year.


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