The Veggies I’m Not Growing

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It’s that time of year when seed catalogues are arriving and Seedy Saturdays are being planned.  Time to simplify and evaluate what veggies to grow in the garden this year.

 I want more positive results from the veggie container garden so from previous years I am starting with a list of what I’m not growing.

I’ve decided not to grow things that we don’t eat.

I’ve decided not to grow things that aren’t productive for me.

In the past I’ve been tempted to try lots of different things … okra, gourds, kale, squash, and many other plants.   But do we really eat them?  or do they produce enough to warranty giving them space.

Kale is one of those plants for me that has never produced enough.  And when it is ready to harvest I can buy much healthier and bigger looking plants from the farm veggie stand at the end of the road.  I’ve tried it, it grows, but just not enough to warranty giving it space.

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Zucchini is another plant I’m not going to grow this year.  It has been a poor producer the past couple of years.  I’m not sure if it was the hot, dry summer or the restrictions of the large container.  The plants would produce many blooms which after a day or so fell off before developing the zucchini.  Those that did form were small and certainly didn’t compare to the huge ones from the farm stand.

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Okra was fun to grow and I grew it just because! The seeds were given to me at Canada Blooms one year and I thought why not try it and see how well it grows in my Canadian zone 5b garden.  It grew really well but was one of those veggies that we just don’t use.

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I’m not going to buy a bag of onion sets from the feed store unless I can just get a dozen.  Perhaps I need to find a gardening partner or two and share with them.  The price is right, they grew not so bad,  but the quantity for me is way too much.

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Herb seeds are another thing I’m going to stay away from.  I will grow the ones I use but buy ready started plants.  For me the seeds just took too long to grow into a viable plant.

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So when I attend Seedy Saturdays I’m not going to be tempted to pick up some seeds that look interesting, or seeds that I know we won’t really eat, or seeds that don’t produce for me.  Our first Seedy Saturday is scheduled for February 18, 2017.  I wonder if I will have to have my hands tied behind my back so I’m not tempted.  But I do want to get seeds for what I want to grow.

I will be growing peas, beans of different varieties and tomatoes.  These are veggies that we eat lots of so they will be getting more growing space on the plant tables.

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Today we are under ice rain warning and lots of things have been cancelled so it’s the perfect day think gardening and sort through the seed basket and package up the ones I’m not going to use and have them all ready for the first Seedy Saturday in mid February.

Do you grow veggies that you don’t really eat or that don’t produce enough?

I’m sharing the five veggies I’m not growing with Five on Friday this week.

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