The Walker on the Cape

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The Walker on the Cape, by a Canadian author, Mike Martin, is the first book in the series set in Grand Bank, Newfoundland.   The book is my favourite genre, a mystery, and introduces Sgt. Winston Windflower, a Cree from northern Alberta, who is  an RCMP officer.


I had previously read the second in the series, The Body on the T and thoroughly enjoyed it so I was really looking forward to reading the first one, and I wasn’t disappointed.

It was said that people set their clocks by Elias, but this one particular morning something went wrong.  Elias went out for his walk but never returned.  It was speculated a heart attack has caused his death but it was left to Sergeant Windflower to unravel the mystery.  The main characters in the series are introduced and you begin to form an attachment to them and feel you are part of the community.

It was discovered to be a poisoning and while trying to get to the truth a lot of secrets from the small community are unearthed.  There are powerful people who want to keep the secrets but Windflower wants to uncover the corruption that is going on.

If you want to read a great series by a Canadian author you will want to check out this series.  You can find more info here.  It is available in hard copy and an ebook.

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