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It’s time for ABC Wednesday and my alphabetical garden tour this week shares what’s in the garden starting with D – birds, plants, whimsy and more.

My most favourite flower is daisies. I have both oxeye and shasta varieties in the garden.

shasta daisy at craftygardener.ca
shasta daisy

Other plants beginning with D are daffodils, dianthus, daylilies and of course dandelions. Dandelions are very important to the life cycle of the bees and we do not spray or use insecticides of any sort in our garden.

 We have a few varieties of woodpeckers but the little downy is the most timid.  They will stay on the feeders even if there is a disturbance .

downy woodpecker at craftygardener.ca
downy woodpecker

Did you see the driftwood spinners that I made after collecting the driftwood on a BC trip.  They are really special because the grandkids helped me collect the wood when we were visiting them in British Columbia.

a driftwood spinner at craftygardener.ca
driftwood spinners

The danglers are made from old CD’s, marbles, flat gems, shells, polymer clay. driftwood and copper wire.  They are beautiful when the sun sparkles off of them. Some of them stay outside in winter and look lovely when the snow accumulates on them.

garden danglers at craftygardener.ca

I’m adding to my personal alphabet with the letter D for this week. What words beginning with D are good for your personal alphabet?

D – determined, decisive, dependable,

I found the letter D while wandering around on our walks.

the letter D at craftygardener.ca
the gardener side at craftygardener.ca

I’m sharing with ABC Wednesday.

This is the 25th round for this very popular link up. Be sure to check out what others have found for the letter of the week.


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  1. Hi Linda, a great collection of D flowers, your driftwood spinner, collection of danglers and the beautiful downy woodpecker. I am blank on D words, probably think of at least one once I post,

  2. I’ve always wanted to try making something like your driftwood spinners. I sure have enough driftwood to choose from right at home. – Margy

  3. I’ve been letting most of the dandelions grow in the yard for pollinators, but I couldn’t remember which like them. A couple have been growing and growing that I wonder if they’ll ever put out blooms.
    I checked out your tutorials for the CD danglers, thank you very much. I haven’t had a chance to make some yet.

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