Venidium and Violets

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Venidium is a wonderful annual that was native to South America.  They aren’t the biggest blooms in the garden and don’t be fooled into thinking they are big by the macro photos of them. The first venidium variety is orange prince.


And the next venidium variety is zulu warrior.  I received some seeds several years ago in a seed swap and grew them for the first time.


I’ve also bought a packet of seeds from the garden centre.  If you are looking for an unusual plant you should give venidium a try, they certainly have been a favourite of mine.

vanadium growing at

Violets are everywhere at this time of the year.  They spread rapidly and can be invasive.  It is sometimes hard to keep up with them so I just make sure all the blooms are pulled off before they go to seed.

violets at

The letter V was found is numerous places on my search for alphabet letters.  My favourite has to be the tree branches that form the V, but the red potatoes grown in the garden last year also formed a V, then there was the tire tracks on the beach and the window and roof shapes that formed V’s as well.

the letter V at

ABC Wednesday is up to V. V for venidium, and violets/

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  1. Love the Zulu warrior flower, great colours! The orange prince is lovely too.
    Thanks for your comment on my blog. I will still be on Instagram.
    Take care!

  2. Vonderful v-flowers and v-shapes. The venidiums remind me of sunflowers and marigolds. Daisies, too. I’m going to see if they’d do well in my area.