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Friday’s Hunt is up to W this week so it is time for my alphabetical gardening to share the W things in the garden.   This letter wasn’t as challenging as some of the previous ones.

We welcome a wide variety of birds beginning with Wwaxwings, wrens, and woodpeckers of many types including the downy, hairy, red headed, red bellied and pileated.

w birds at craftygardener.ca

I have a feeling we are a bit weather obsessed as there are numerous instruments to check out the weather … weather vanes, thermometers, wind gauge, and digital weather stations.  May was hot and dry and it looks to be the same as we head into June.

weather instruments at craftygardener.ca

There are also a couple of whimsical ways to predict the weather with the yarn weather forecaster and the weather rock.

weather whimsy at craftygardener.ca

The windmill garden is in a sunny area of the back garden.  The old converted fountain, hummer and oriole feeders, and other bits of garden art are in this garden.  The mailbox feeder is where the bluejays get their peanut mail.

the windmill garden at craftygardener.ca

The workbench was made several years ago out of recycled wood from an old deck.  It’s a favourite place to work on many of the garden projects.

the garden workbench at craftygardener.ca

Wegleia is one of the many flowering shrubs we have in the gardens.   The lovely rosey red blooms are very pretty.

the wegelia shrub at craftygardener.ca

I’ve found a few different things that remind me of the letter W.  One was the small clump of birch trees that looks like a tall w, then there was an old frame of an umbrella that was a w when laid out on the grass, and the W in a window.

the hunt for W at craftygardener.ca

I’m continuing to add to my personal alphabet with w.

W – wise (I’d like to think so), wife, welcoming,

I’m joining with Friday’s Hunt  as it works its way through the alphabet.  This week is the letter W, with a favourite and rough.

Do you want to run your fingers over rough bark on this tree to feel the texture?

rough bark at craftygardener.ca

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