What’s Your Number?

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Here is a quick and easy little craft to make for the garden.
You just need a good sized rock, some flat sided gems/marbles and some strong waterproof glue.

I laid out the number on a flat surface first, then transferred it piece by piece and glued it onto the rock.  This rock, which kind of reminds me of a house, is standing up but I had laid it flat for glueing and drying. I used Household Goop, it’s an all purpose contact adhesive and sealant.
The number rock faces the front of the property and is visible from the end of the driveway.  It has been outside for a few years now and in the spring I usually have to re-glue some of the flat gems on.  Right now it is hidden under mounds of snow so I have no idea how it has survived this winter.
Besides numbers you could do … initials, names, patterns, short garden quotes and more.  It is only limited by your imagination.

I’ve got my number, will you get your number?

A mild spell started yesterday and instead of a snow warning, which seemed to happen at least once a week, we are under a heavy rainfall warning for later today and tomorrow!    Along with the milder temperatures comes the fog, which is quite thick this morning.

It is N at Alphabe-Thursday this week.  N for number.

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