Garden Whimsy

Every garden needs a bit of whimsy.


I really enjoy re’find’ing things out of used objects.  The Crafty (out)Side  showcases some of the many garden projects I’ve made and added to the garden.

rock on

Canada flag at     what's your number?    predict the weather at

Canada flag,  what’s your number   weather forecaster

The rocking village at   my brick inuksuk at  making a stone tree at

rock houses,    brick inuksuk  the stone tree

the gate tree at

gate tree

think outside the pot

boots bootsmossy1a kiddiebootplanter7a

boot planters

   create a sedum planter out of an old toolbox at   basket frame6a

 toolbox planter  succulent frame

birdcage planter at  whitetub6a

birdcage planter     succulent pot



craf-tea cups & pots – craf-tea ideas

a never ending cup of tea at     create a tea cup feeder at   create a teapot totem at   create a teacup planter at

never ending tea     teacup feeders      teapot totem,   craf-tea planters

ladderplanter2013a   making a tea cup planter at

tea thyme ladder planter  teacup planter


     plant tables

wreaths – they don’t have to be round

hosepipewreath1   making a bumbershoot display at  the rake wreath at

hosepipe wreath        Bumbershoot display       rake wreath

garden bling

garden bling from old cds, wire and marbles at     a key chime from old cds, wire and marbles at   gazing balls from a bowling ball and flat sided gems at   mini gazing balls from a bowling ball and flat sided gems at

danglers,  key chimes    gazing ball    mini gazing ball

glass totems at   glass totem birdbath at   create a gnome tree house at

glass totems   for the birds  who lives here?

 single2a  spiralaa   pvctwirlershapes6a  a driftwood spinner at

twirlers   pvc twirler     driftwood spinner


winter greenery

tipsyimpatiens1a   pot stacker mini1     buckettipsy1a   turn clay pots into a lighthouse at  lightousegreen1a

tipsy potspot stacker,   tipsy buckets   clay pot lighthouse

press   bootrack01    gdntoolwheel9a

 flower press   boot storage  hosepipe wreath    garden time

how to transfer a print image to wood at

printing on wood

making a garden flag at  making a garden flag at

personalized garden flags    small garden flags


   face02aa     stumpy3a   bottle tree3a

yarn bombingtree faces,  The Stumpys   bottle tree

marking the way

20120328_002   marker02   plant marker dymo1   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

remembe’ring’ where     various plant markers     plant markers that last

kids crafts

pet rock ladybugs at       bottlefish

ladybugs     pop bottle fish

for the critters

toadhouse toadabode

toad abodes

the bug flats under construction at

the bug flats