Wicklow Beach

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A day out at Wicklow Beach towards the end of June was amazing.  This beach is a lovely, long stretch of water and shore, mostly rocky.

Wicklow Beach, Ontario, Canada

It was a clear, calm day with hardly any visitors to the beach.

Wicklow Beach, Ontario, Canada

Just walking beside the water and listening to it lap onto the shore is so peaceful.


The rocks are lovely and flat on both sides and perfect for stacking or skipping into the water. These lovely flat rocks would also be perfect for mandala painting or other types of rock painting.

rock stacking at craftygardener.ca

One of my projects this year is based on the Flat Stanley books.  When we were visiting with the grandkids out west at the beginning of the year I joked and said I would take one of their toys back and take photos of it on our different daycations when we got back home.  Then I thought about the Flat Stanley stories, which they hadn’t heard about, and I took a photo of both of them holding their favourite stuffed toys.   Each time we go out and about I take the photo and snap photos of them with all the sights here in Ontario.  The photos are then mailed back to them and they each have a photo album full of The Flat Kids adventures in Ontario.

rock stacking at Wicklow Beach by craftygardener.ca

Here is some rock stacking I did at Wicklow Beach and you can see the photo (cut off) beside it.  This photo has been sent back to BC with a story about the beach and rock stacking.  It’s a great project to do.  The kids look forward to their mail each month and can see the various places we like to visit.

Wicklow Beach, Ontario, Canada

Wicklow Beach is also close to the Big Apple in Colbourne, Ontario so we stopped there are got some great photos of the Flat Kids outside the Big Apple.

This outing was before my knee surgery so walking was a bit slow, but when you want to enjoy every moment, slow walking is good. We will be returning once my recovery is complete.

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I have now had my knee surgery and I’m in recovery mode making sure, no matter how hard, I do my exercises diligently.  Thanks for your well wishes and messages via email or Instagram. A lot of the posts were written before surgery so that I don’t have to spend a lot of time at the computer.

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4 Responses

  1. Kea

    I’ve not been doing much blogging, didn’t realize you had had knee surgery until a friend (Robin) mentioned it! I hope your full recovery will be speedy.

    As for Wicklow Beach…We were just there on Thursday, I love that spot. (I was visiting for a couple of days.) The water was cold (walked along the beach through it), but felt wonderful–it was hot!

    Take care!

  2. karma todd wiseman

    Greetings Linda,

    Did you see lots of sea gulls or blue birds there ?? I plan to film movie scenes there


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