Remembering Tofino, British Columbia.

On a windy, wet and stormy day in November 2011, a year ago today,  we visited Long Beach by Tofino, British Columbia.

The wild Pacific Ocean was at its best during the storm.

The waves were crashing onto the beach.

Along with lots of driftwood there was a huge tree that had washed up on shore.
This is the type of weather the surfers love and there were lots of them in the ocean braving the weather to get that perfect ride.  There were also lots of other people walking the beach and taking in the magnificence of the Pacific Ocean.

These photos look like they were taken in black and white but they weren’t.   It was such and overcast day.  I’ll share some other photos in another post where the colour is evident.

We weren’t one of the surfers but we did take the opportunity to walk in the Pacific Ocean, even if we did have our boots on!

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