Is it Wind or Wind?

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English, you’ve gotta love it.  Sometimes pronunciation can be tricky.  You think it is one thing and it turns out to be something else.

 How did you read the title?  Wind with a short i as in a windy day or is it wind, with a long i, as in yarn winder.

Last week I had fun with some yarn winding, knitting, and reading. Towards the end of last week I started out with some lovely soft white merino wool by Cascade Yarns.

Yarn for a white cowl at

The first job was to wind it into a ball.  Do you have a yarn winder?  It makes a center pull ball of yarn in no time.  I usually put the hank of wool around the arms of the rocking chair and wind from there.

using the yarn winder at

The knitting pattern I’m doing is a mobius scarlet, found on Craftster.  It’s knit on bamboo circular needles of 5.5 mm

knitting a white mobs at

I’ve also started another book in the Kate Shackleton series, Murder on a Summer’s Day.  In this one Kate is asked to find a missing Indian maharaja.  I’m not that far into he book yet but will be sure to share the review when I’m finished.

The wind, with a short i, is sending hundreds of leaves falling into the garden on a daily basis.  The Autumn colours are gorgeous, but such a lot of work to gather up.

a maple leaf at

The night temperatures are dropping down to around 0 Celsius and we have had the odd bit of frost.  Some areas in Ontario to the north of us have some some wet snow flurries already.  I sure hope they don’t head down our way anytime soon.

I’m sharing with Yarn Along and Alphabet-Thursday, where the letter this week is W.  W for wind or wind, depending nohow you pronounce it

the crafty side at

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