Yellow Bloomers

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The garden is amazing and there are so many different yellow blooms this week.  Who knew yellow came in so many different shades?  We had a few very hot and humid days and we’ve had some terrific short downpours of rain.  I think I’ve only had to water the veggies once or twice.

The yellow honeysuckle vine is blooming.  I can’t get too close to get photos as the wren’s nest is among these branches and the young are hatched and busy being fed by the mom and pop.

I”ve been able to move lots of plants from the budding to the blooming section of my garden journal at the bottom of this post.

The lady’s mantle has a delicate yellow flower and I love the leaves after some rain as they always catch the water droplets.  In the bottom corner of this image are some yellow evening primrose just starting the bloom.

The deep yellow blooms on the molly alliums will probably be finished in a  day or so.

A patch of mossy stonecrop is blooming in the middle of the grass.  From one tiny plant several years ago this has spread itself all over the place.

The potentilla shrub is covered in a mass of yellow flowers.

The stringy stonecrop is another plant that will spread rapidly.  I love this plant as it is so easy to transplant, you don’t even need a bit of root, just stick it in a pot or on the ground and it grows.  This big patch is around a big rock and fills in nicely under some other plants.

The iris are still blooming.  The yellow ones have to be my favourite and were given to me by a friend at a school I worked at so each year they bloom it brings back memories of time at that school, which has now been closed and amalgamated with another one close by.

Yellow loosestrife grows at the base of the windmill, lovely little cup flowers opening up the stalk.

Other plants with blooms are penstemon, Bressingham blue hosta, coral bells, meadow sage, ninebark shrub, wegelia shrub.  The yucca plant is sending up 4 lovely flower stalks.  The yucca that I transplanted has 4 or 5 new shoots coming around the old one.  An experiment that was a success is the yucca root that I dug up when transplanting is starting to send up little shoots.

The veggies are growing really well with the peas about half way up the teepee I made around them.  The scarlett runner beans have been reaching for the trellis and are doing really well.

The one thing I’m disappointed with is the Deseronto potato beans.  Out of 11 seeds that I planted only 1 has sprouted.  I’ll be watching it carefully and hoping it produces some pods I can save for next year.

I hope you are enjoying some lovely weather too if summer is approaching in your part of the world.   I’m still managing to post at least once a week and do still add photos of my garden on Instagram.

Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, if only a smiley face to show you were here.  I know many blogging friends are doing the same as me, slowing down for the summer and even thinking of winding down their blogs.

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