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I was recently introduced to the term zentangles at the Friday Creative Crafting sessions. I have always been a doodler, especially while on hold on the phone and when young I used to use a pencil and compass to make designs, so guess I’ve always been a sort of zentangle artist, just never knew the term.

creating rock zendoodles at craftygardener.ca
zendoodle rocks

Zentangles is a way to create designs by using patterns over and over. A basic zentangle is a tile and repeating the tiles, like a mosaic creates a zentangle picture. Doodles are a bit more spontaneous where zentangles are repetitive.

creating rock zendoodles at craftygardener.ca
Easter egg zendoodles

I’ve been combining doodles and zentangles so guess they could be called zen-doodles. Lots of patience and focus are needed to create one.

Zentangles are originally done on paper/card/sketch pad with a fine tip pen or marker, but I’ve taken it a bit further and created some zen-doodling on rocks.

creating rock zendoodles at craftygardener.ca
a zendoodle bird

As with all my rock projects I start with a simple sketch. I used to have bits of paper all over the place but one of my winter projects was to put all the sketches into a note book. I’ve also added some zentangle patterns as well. It is so much easier to just flip through the book instead of searching for bits of paper.

I love birds. Have you seen Flossie Bird? or the little felt birds.

Sometimes the finished item looks nothing like the sketch, but it was used as a starting point. Frequently the pens/markers determine the size of the shape and the doodle.

creating rock zendoodles at craftygardener.ca
a zendoodle pattern

The quilt style rock pattern started out as oval, but when I chose the rock to use, it was a round one, so I just adjusted the pattern by tracing around the outside of the rock onto the pattern, and then added the grid lines to the rock before adding all the detail.

creating rock zendoodles at craftygardener.ca
a quilt style zendoodle rock

The majority of the rocks I zendoodled had a white background but I did try a couple of the more simple patterns with a black background. The choice is up to you and you are only limited by your own imagination.

Rock painting tips:

  • clean the rocks
  • paint each side of the rock, let dry thoroughly before turning over
  • add your details, let dry
  • add a Mod Podge layer, let dry before doing the other side
  • you can add a second Mod Podge layer if you wish, let dry
  • spray with a fixative, let dry before turning over
creating rock zendoodles at craftygardener.ca
a zendoodle rock

A search of zentangle or zendoodle will give you lots of ideas and more information. I did find the idea /pattern for bird in a search and changed it up a bit to suit me. Borrow an idea and make it your own!

Other rock projects:

a doodle line from craftygardener.ca

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  1. These are so pretty. I have a friend who introduced me to zentangles a few years ago, she made an amazing world map. I love the idea of putting these kind of designs on rocks.

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