1-2-3 Rabbits

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Our garden gets lots of critter visitors … from the birds … to the squirrels … to the chipmunks … to the rabbits.  At the very back of the property we have a lot of brush piled up from trimming the trees and bushes.  This brush pile provides a safe place for different critters.  The rabbit family makes this their home and they can frequently be seen hopping around the garden, especially under the bird feeders, foraging for some food.


I know that lots of gardeners don’t like rabbits in their gardens as they will nibble those tender veggies shoots or eat the bark from around the base of young trees.  I have all my veggies planted in big containers, so the rabbits can’t nibble on them.


We enjoy watching their antics.  This pair was playing after filling up on some dropped bird seed.


The third one wasn’t far away.

I’m sharing these cute lens friends with Camera Critters.

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