April in the Garden

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The weather has finally been nice for more than a day and we have been taking advantage and working in the garden.  The first big job we tackled was to get the plant tables into their new home.  They were in 3 different locations last year and by the time we got around to thinking about moving them all the plants were well established.  So it was put off till this year.

I wanted them all in the same area and close together for easy access to the containers.  All three are now located in front of the deck.  We were originally going to build a platform for them but decided to try them out right on the ground.

plant tables at craftygardener.ca

I love the plant tables as they make it so much easier to work in the pots with no kneeling down or bending over.  I got most of the containers onto the tables and will now start to fill them with soil.  These containers will have tomatoes, peas, beans, okra, and other veggies in them.  Some of them will also have plants such as canna, peruvian daffodils and cosmos.


My experiment of potting up tulip and daffodil bulbs and storing them in the garage or sunk into the ground over the winter worked well.  All of the pots have growth.  This way I will be able to move the pots around to sit on the deck or to fill in some empty spots in the garden.


There is lots of new growth poking through the ground … trilliums, bleeding hearts, sedum, purple coneflower, bee balm and more.


The humming bird and oriole feeders came out of storage and got all scrubbed up ready for the new season.


I’ve been working on a new garden project.  How lovely to sit on the deck and paint.  This finished project will be shown in a few days.

It has been a busy, yet rewarding few days in the garden.

poking through:  daffodils, tulips, daylilies, iris, peonies, Egyptian walking onions, stella d’oro daylilies, bleeding hearts, some hostas, trillium, bee balm, purple coneflower, coreopsis, 

Budding: honeysuckle shrub, honeysuckle vine, lilacs, 

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