April Showers

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Here we are heading into the double digits of April.  We want the warm days of spring but we’ve been getting the wet days of April.  I hope that old saying of April Showers brings May flowers is true.The rain has been coming down for a couple of days and besides washing away the grit and dust of winter and those last lingering patches of snow on the shady north side of the house it is giving the gardens a much needed long drink of rain water which should turn the grass green and start the plants poking through the ground.

Five gardening tasks this week are keeping me happy, even as the thunder storms rolled through our area on Friday morning.

1.  tarps are off  2.  rhubarb is poking through the ground.  3.  Inuky has a new home 4. a bit of garden got new edging  5.  the snow has gone from the succulent planters

At the beginning of the week the covers came off the plant tables.  Over the winter I had covered the whole thing with some tarps.  Now they have been removed to let the rain soak into the tubs to give them a good watering. I’ve turned the soil a couple of times and plan to add peat moss and perlite to the tubs this year for better drainage.

garden journal 2015 at craftygardener.ca

Last year a small garden was made at the end of the plant tables and beside the garden work bench.  An odd bit of rhubarb was transplanted there.  I actually thought I had given away the big rhubarb plant as we changed the area it was growing in, but low and behold a small bit of it poked through the ground last year right in the middle of the stand we had made for the bird feeder pole.  So it was carefully dug up and moved to this little garden area.

garden journal 2015 at craftygardener.ca

The photo to the left shows the rhubarb growing there last year.  The photo to the right show how Mr Fixit edged the garden for me with odd bits of wood from the wood pile.  The centre photo shows several crowns poking through the ground this spring.  Perhaps I’ll have enough to make a rhubarb and apple crumble this year.

This little part of the trellis garden got a new edging.  It used to be bricks but Mr. Fixit had some little pieces of 4×4 and he edged this part at the bottom of the deck stairs.  Inuky found a new home here.

inuky has a new home at craftygardener.ca

Do you remember how I mentioned Inuky was either blowing over in the wind or getting knocked over when a certain garden tractor driver went by?  Hopefully this will be a nice locations for him with red carpet stonecrop growing around his feet, some garlic chives on either side and the  peonies to the right.  The peonies are actually starting to poke through the ground in this sun trap part of the garden.

 succulent planters after the winter at craftygardener.ca

The succulent planters are finally free of the snow.  Right now they don’t look that appealing but I’m sure a little warmth and sun will do wonders for them.

a birdcage planter / white tub  / toolbox planter /succulent frame

I’ll be referring to ebooks I previewed on growing succulents for some help.  Check out Propagating Succulents and Growing Succulents Indoors.

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Poking through: daffodils, tulips, rhubarb, sedum, daylilies, peonies, 

Showing growth: stonecrop red carpet, stringy stonecrop, Egyptian Walking Onions

Budding:  lilacs

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