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The weather started out so changeable this week.  A cold front blew in, and I mean literally blew in on the weekend.  The night temperatures dropped down to between 0 and 2 Celsius.

The tomato plants and fuchsia baskets were stored safely in the garage.

It is starting to be quite ‘scent’sational in the garden … the lilacs are in bloom.

2013 lilacs1

The daffodils and tulips are coming to an end.  It seems we wait so long for them and they are only around for a little while.  But the wait was worth it.

Lots of lens friends are returning to the garden.


pileated woodpecker


… the female grosbeak has been to the safflower feeder this week.  Last week it was the male grosbeak.

Despite the cooler weather the plants continue to grow.  The climbing beans, 4 o’clocks and canna (all planted last week) are poking through the ground.

I’ve planted up lots of small containers for the ladder planter with hardy sedums.


The Solomon Seal seems to have grown and bloomed overnight.


And the Egyptian Walking Onions are starting to look fascinating.


The bleeding hearts are always wonderful.


This is the time of year when it is hard to choose just a few photos to share. Everything is growing rapidly and everything is gorgeous.

The weather finally started to warm up again on Wednesday afternoon but the wind was still quite strong.  I had a lovely trip to the garden center to spend a gift certificate.  I’ll be planting up these plants in the next few days … begonias, coleus, shasta daisy, petunias, ground phlox, and purple fountain grass.

It’s time for Cottage Garden Party,  Garden Bloggers Bloom Day and Fertilizer Friday.

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