The Arrival of Summer

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This week is the start of the summer season.  This week the weather is still changeable (for the better) …from pouring rain most of Sunday, to unexpected showers on Monday,  to warming up for the rest of the week.  The evening are still cooler (perfect for sleeping), about 5 or 6 Celsius when I get up in the morning.

The corner pot garden is the view from the kitchen door.  The pansies are starting to fade a bit, but the 4 o’clocks are growing very quickly.  The green bottle has some bits and pieces of bleeding heart that were trimmed from a huge plant that was drooping over a hosta.  The strawberry pot has hens & chicks on the top and creeping jenny in the sides holes.

deck corner

When I come out of the kitchen door and look left I can see the trellis garden and one of the plant tables.


The honeysuckle vine is glorious right now but the climbing rose needs some attention, pesty bugs eating the leaves.

windmill gdn

The windmill garden can be seen when looking over the deck railing.  It is still looking a bit messy but the nasturtiums are finally growing.  That tub was dug up a couple of times by the darn squirrel or chimpumk.  A second plant table holds the pots of canna, cosmos, zinnias and peruvian daffodils.  Mr. Potts is still looking quite happy as the guardian of this garden.  Actually since he has been there the critters have stopped digging in the pots.  I’m sure that is just a coincidence.

tipsypotsjune2013b   tipsybucketsjune2013a   ladderplanter2013a

The tipsy pots and buckets are doing really well.  The creeping jenny on the ladder planter is growing very quickly and starting to bud.

The plants in the gardens and containers are in varying stages of blooms.

Budding – lavender, liatris, Bressingham Blue hosta, astillbe, ditch lilies, creeping jenny,  clematis, roses (bush), rudbekia, feverfew, shasta daisies, drumstick allium

Blooming – oxeye daisies,  dianthus, coral bells, weigela, ninebark, yellow daylilies, honeysuckle vine, petunias,  fuchsiaevening primrose, climbing roses, coreopsis,

Fading – bleeding heart, iris, columbine, yellow molly alliums,  pansies (need a good trim back to grow again)

Seeding – lunaria, columbine

Growing tallertomatoes, 4 o’clocks, cosmos, zinnias, canna, peruvian daffodils, hosta, heliopsis, beebalm,

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