The Arrival of Winter

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Even though we are just over a month into winter, the cold and snowy weather just arrived over the weekend. There was the odd bit of snow in December but overall it was a nice month.  The first big storm of winter which arrived on January 19th, saw 15+ cm of snow cover the ground.  An Arctic vortex also bought bitterly cold weather with temperatures getting down to -30 Celsius.

January 2019, winter at
view from the kitchen door over the backyard

Another Colorado low is moving through today, January 23rd, bringing about +5 cm of snow.  The temperatures are rising to just about 0 Celsius and that snow will turn to rain as the day goes on. I’m sure there will be icy conditions after that.

Edit: The rain came down in the early afternoon, made a bigger mess of things, then of course it got colder and froze that rain, leading to messy and icy roads on Jan. 24. Now that rain is turning back to snow. Oh well, there was no reason to go out anyway.

January 2019, winter at
view from the front window facing north

For so many years we had to drive to work regardless of the weather.  But since retiring we have the good fortune to stay home on days like this.  

January 2019, winter at
one of the Stumpy family keeping watch over the garden

Most photos were taken through the windows as it was just too darn cold to go outside.  Even though the gardens are buried in snow, remember that the roots of all plants are under the ground convincing themselves that warmer weather will come in a few months.

January 2019, winter at
a wren house in the trellis garden

This birdhouse, visible from the window is awaiting the arrival of the wrens in early spring. There are lots of winter visitors to the feeders – chickadees, juncos, sparrows, doves, bluejays, cardinals, woodpeckers and nuthatches

January 2019, winter at
downy woodpecker

This downy woodpecker is enjoying some peanuts. We also see hairy woodpeckers, and red bellied woodpeckers. And occasionally we see the pileated woodpeckers.

a virus shawl at
virus shawl

Winter weather means lots of time for crafting.  Above is the progress on a virus shawl.  I love working this crochet pattern.  It was a bit of a challenge at first but now the rows are automatic and the shawl is growing quickly.  

craft projects at
craft projects

I’m also working on some washer necklaces, another shawl, a recycled cd project and some luggage tags.  Photos are always taken of the steps along the way.  I’ll share these projects at another time.

There is also lots of reading, cooking of soups and comfort food, watching favourite shows and series on tv, and plenty of cups of tea.

There is always something to learn and I’ve also been updating my WordPress skills since they have updated since my last posting before Christmas.

I appreciate all your comments, if only to say hi, so please let me know you were here.

What do you do in winter weather?


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  1. Myrtle

    I have enjoyed your post on winter that has finally arrived and all the photos you took and posted. You do get a lot of birds to all your feeders. Very interesting washer necklace, like it, also like your shawl pattern.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Miserable weather again today Myrt, has cy roads in some places with rain on top, now changing over to snow. Stay warm and safe if you head out to the shops today.

  2. Lavender Dreamer

    I love the crochet projects and it’s nice to see your sweet birds coming to the feeders! Our winter weather allows us to get outside so I’m hiking as often as I can…and as long as I have the energy! lol We’ll be inside during the hot summer months! Hugs!

    • Crafty Gardener

      This week has been particularly bad from frigid cold, snow storm, rain on top of ice and now back to snow this morning, School buses cancelled for the 4th day in our area. Hope your phone gets fixed soon.

  3. Margie

    We got hit pretty hard by last weekend’s snowstorm (~40 cm of snow), but most of it has melted because of today’s rain. I’m just glad that it didn’t turn into freezing rain. Yuck!

  4. Kea

    I hope you’re indoors and cosy today! What a mess out there. It’s still raining here, and as we’d had an average of 40 cm of snow on the weekend, plus another 5 cm yesterday morning before it switched to ice pellets then rain, our sidewalks and side roads are treacherous right now. However, as long as transit is running, I have to get my butt out the door and to work, so revel in your retirement. LOL.

    As for winter projects, one of my co-workers has me on to knitting with the sashay yarn, which is tedious (!), but I’m almost done my first “scarf” and actually would like to do more. The yarn might be a pain to work with, but the results are nice!

    • Crafty Gardener

      We aren’t going anywhere Kim. Hope your journey to work was a safe one. How lovely you are knitting a scarf. You’ll have to share photos of it. Now you’ve got the knitting bug you’ll be making all sorts of things. 🧶

  5. Linda

    Hey Linda…
    Blogging seems to have taken a back seat to IG!
    Same dull dreary weather here…visited the cottage again today…it was WILD down there!
    Leaving next week…hoping for some warmer weather…
    Take care!
    Linda :o)

    ps…every time I come here…I have to fill in my info, in order to comment 😫

    • Crafty Gardener

      Blogging seems to be getting pushed right to the back of the bus 😂 IG is so much quicker and easier. Have a great trip, sure hope the drive down is good. Wonder whar beach treasures you’ll find this year.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hmmmm about filling in your info. 🤔🤔🤔 I tweaked a few things since the WordPress updates, so hopefully that doesn’t happen again, perhaps you will try another comment and let me know. I’m wondering if you ckeared your cache and cookies and git rid of the info.

  6. Country Gal

    It has been rotten cold windy and snowy here , on the odd day we have sunshine the roads are to ice to go for our walks so we have been going out in the back yard a bit at a time just to get some fresh air . lovely post and photos . Our birdies all have been busy at the feeders to , I also watch some shows on and off and am on my computer a bit each day learning my lightroom program more for all my photos . Even though winter didn’t really start for us till a week or so ago I am done with it and looking forward to Spring . Thanks for sharing , haave a good weekend !

    • Crafty Gardener

      Really cold here and after a week of winter weather I’ve had enough. 🥴 I’m still not steady enough after my knee surgery to venture out in the slippery backyard, so taking photos through the windows. Today I’m changing winter decorations like snowmen for more springy items. It’s sunny today but chilly when you open the door. Enjoy the weekend,

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