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We love watching the birds so this year I’ve set the coil feeder up by the back kitchen door this year to get a better view.

The birds were a bit nervous at first as the slightest move inside the kitchen scared them away.  But once I refilled the feeder with some all season suet they just couldn’t resist arriving.  And slowly one by one the different types of birds have tried out the feeder.

birds at the coil feeder at

The bluejays are noisy on arrival.

bluejay at the coil feeder at

They perch so easily on the inside of the red coils and reach down to get a snack.

bluejay at the coil feeder at

We had a fair bit of snow last Wednesday but it never stops the birds arriving for food.

bluejay at the coil feeder at

I love the markings on the bluejays tail and wing feathers.

 The chickadee arrived just after I had refilled it and it perched on the outside of the coils.

chickadee at the coil feeder at

Chickadees are more tame and not as scared of any inside movement.

chickadee at the coil feeder at

As they peck away at the suet it drops towards the bottom of the feeder.  I also add handfuls of peanuts into this feeder.

downy woodpecker at the coil feeder at

The male downy woodpecker came along next.

downy woodpecker at the coil feeder at

He hangs on and balances on the bottom of the feeder and enjoys the suet.  I’ve seen the junks and nuthatch checking out the feeder but haven’t captured them with the camera yet.  I’m patient, I’m sure I’ll get  photos of those lens friends too.

I purchased my coil feeder at A Place to Perch.

I’m also sharing with Wild Bird Wednesday,  I’d Rather B Birdin’ and Camera Critters.


Have a look at some more of my lens friends photos.

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