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The common European starling can be quite the pest in the garden, especially when they arrive in large flocks and devour all the bird food in site.  They are also quite noisy and leave a mess with their droppings.  Yet … Continued

The Squirrels

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Squirrels – friends or foe? I think you either love or hate the squirrels.  I really don’t like them because they are always finding ways to get to the bird feeders to get the seed.  But I love the antics … Continued

It’s Magic

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Add some magic to your child’s or grandchild’s Christmas Eve by making some magic reindeer food and a magic key. Is your child or grandchild worried because they don’t have a chimney in their house?How will Santa get in to … Continued

Hoe Hoe Hoe

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It is that time of year to get out some seasonal whimsy. Does the time I spent doing this count as gardening? I guess that could be stretching it a bit. I get some crazy ideas, some inspired by others, … Continued