The BC Legislative Building

On a gorgeous sunny day in September we decided to have an adventure on the city bus from Langford to Victoria, British Columbia. One of the places we wanted to explore was the Legislative Building.  On other trips we had always seen it from the outside but this trip we wanted to go inside.  And we weren’t disappointed.

British Columbia Legislative Building in Victoria, British Columbia

The gardens were lovely and the guards were very helpful and friendly.   One of the things we noticed was that the restaurant was open to the public.  Breakfast is one of the meals we really enjoy going out for so we had to take this opportunity as it was about 9:30 in the morning.  Of course before going inside you had to go through the screening room and we were then sent on our way down to the lower level and along to the dining room.

restaurant in the BHC legislative buildings in Victoria, British Columbia

The Parliamentary Dining room is open Monday to Friday for breakfast and lunch. The walls were lined with photos and documents depicting the history of the building.  After a delicious breakfast we took a tour of the building.

he BC legislative buildings in Victoria, British Columbia

We love touring old buildings and imagining the people that formed our history walking and meeting inside.

he BC legislative buildings in Victoria, British Columbia

The British Columbia Parliament Buildings began operation officially in February 1898.  It is on 12.5 acres of land and housed the original structures known as The Birdcages.  The building faces the inner harbour and is adjacent to the Empress Hotel.

the BC legislative buildings in Victoria, British Columbia

After this tour we walked along the waterfront of the Victoria Harbour, rode on a harbour taxi and visited Fisherman’s Wharf.  Another day we visited China Town, walked down Government Street and checked out the inside of the Empress Hotel.

the BC legislative buildings in Victoria, British Columbia

I’ll be sharing more photos of the places we visited in upcoming posts.

Stop by Mosaic Monday and see more wonderful mosaic images that others are sharing.  This week the images were created in Picasa, Fotor and iPiccy.


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