Beads and Buttons for Decorating

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December is here and we are getting closer and closer to the holiday season.  Have you started decorating yet?  Here are some of my favourite things made with buttons and beads.  I’m into simple decorating with lots of recycling where possible.

These homemade ornaments will add sparkle and glitter to your decorating.  I started with solid ornaments (colour didn’t matter) and covered them with pearls and beads.  Hang them by the lights on your tree and they will glitter and sparkle.

beaded Christmas ornaments from

I had lots of fun making these button trees after finding them at a craft sale a couple of years ago.  These are about 5 cm or 2 in. tall.

quick and easy Christmas tree decoration to make at

This cute little beaded wreath is a great project for the kids to make.  You need a pipe cleaner, a strip of eyelet lace, 52 green interlocking green tri beads, 4 clear white tri beads and 1 red tri bead.  You poke one end of the pipe cleaner through one of the holes in the lace, then slide on a green bead, fold the lace over the bead and through the pipe cleaner, then add another bead and then go through the lace hole.

making beaded wreaths at

This continues till you have used up the green beads.  Every so often you need to push the beads and lace down the pipe cleaner a bit.  Be sure to keep a couple of cm. of pipe cleaner free at each end.  This bits get twisted together after the pipe cleaner is shaped into a circle and the clear beads and red bead are added so it looks like a little candle.  The finished wreath is about 7.5 cm across.

making beaded candy canes at

These beaded candy canes are so much fun to make with the kids and grandkids.  You need a pipe cleaner and some red, green and white tri-locking beads.  They are great for the younger kids to practice their pattern making.  Choose your pattern and slide them onto the pipe cleaner.  After the first bead is on just bend up the pipe cleaner a bit to keep it in place, continue adding beads and bend over the pipe cleaner after the last bead. Then just bend the top over into the hook shape, add a hook hanger and they are ready to hang on the tree.

I gave the button wreath a post of its own but had to share it once again.  I love how it turned out and it doesn’t have to be just for Christmas.  Changing the colour of the buttons will totally change the look of the wreath.

making a button wreath at
Christmas line

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