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Over the years I’ve collected several Beatrix Potter items, both books and pottery.   I’m sharing 4 that I have and 1 that on my wish list.  The classic Beatrix Potter stories originated in 1902 and were written up to 1930.

Peter Rabbit is well known world wide for his antics and escape from Mr. MacGregor’s garden.  Then there was Jemina Puddleduck, Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, Benjamin Bunny and many more.

The first is a little mug that our third daughter used when she was little.  It was more than likely a thrift store find.  It has a lovely photos of Mrs. Rabbit and her 4 little rabbits … Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton tail and Peter.

Beatrix Potter mug at

The second is a bowl that I recently found in a thrift store for 50 cents … and in perfect condition.  The matching excerpt and image of Mrs. Rabbit were found in one of the books. The maker’s brand is exactly the same as what is on the bottom of the mug.  It’s like they were made as a pair but I purchased them years apart.

Beatrix Potter bowl at

The next is a series of books, 23 in total.  These were actually purchased with a gas purchase many years ago.  Each time you filled up you could add a book for 99 cents.  It was fun to read the latest book and then wait for the next one. Gas stations don’t do any promotions like that these days.

Beatrix Potter books at

Another little series of miniature Beatrix Potter books resides on the bookshelf.  There were 6 little boxes each with 3 or 4 min books inside.  Each little box was lovingly read numerous times.  This little collection is a lovely addition to the whole collection.

Beatrix Potter books at

The fifth item is one that I saw in Murchie’s the tea store in Victoria, BC when we were recently on vacation out there.  It is something I would love to have for my collection.  I can just imagine having a lovely tea party with my granddaughters.  I’ll keep wishing but I’ll also keep looking in thrift stores and antique stores, you just never know what will turn up.

Beatrix Potter teaset at Munchie's tea store in Victoria, BC

Were you or are you a fan of the Beatrix Potter books?


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