Being a Thrifty Shopper

I’m a bargain hunter and love to find coupons to use to lower the price when I’m shopping.  This week’s Five on Friday is about being a thrifty shopper.

  1. At the beginning of the week I purchased a new winter coat.  It seemed expensive but it was a good quality and will last a long time.  So I really hummed and ahhed before finally buying it.  Then two days later the flyers came out and all winter outer wear was on sale for 30% off.  I bought the coat at Sears and they have a 90 day price match.  So it was back to the store with the receipt to get the discount refunded.  It was just about one third off the price so I felt much better about making a big ticket purchase.  The new cowl that I just finished knitted will go perfectly with the coat.

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2. I belong to the Home Depot online garden club and they send out coupons every once in awhile.  Last week the coupon was for spring bulbs, buy 2 and get 1 free.  So off I went with 2 coupons as you could use it twice and bought some crocus and hyacinth bulbs to plant in a little while.

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3.  I’ve been thinking Christmas gifts for awhile now and this year want to make my own greeting cards and also make sets of cards to give as gifts.  Michaels had packets of cards and envelopes on sale this past week.  A packet of 25 cards and envelops which was a regular price of $6.99 was on sale for $2.50.  A packet of 50 cards and envelopes which was usually $13.99 was on sale for $5.00.  As they were already a sale price I couldn’t use the 50% off coupon but I know I’ll find something else to use that coupon on.

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4.  I also do price matching on grocery store items.  The flyers all arrive on Friday morning and I take time to look through them all and see if any of the items I need to buy are on sale in other grocery stores.  Then I take the flyer along to my favourite store and they honour a price match.  In the past couple of weeks I’ve got butter, yogurt, crackers and cleaning products at really good prices.   Do you price match?  It sure is worth it.

5.  I’ve also had some $25.00 off coupons at Northern Reflections.  A week or so ago they were have a double Northern buck day.  I bought a couple of items needed for winter  that came to $100 total and got $100 back in Northern bucks.  I’ve now got a few weeks to buy a regular priced item (must be $50 or more) and get $25 off.  Do you use the deals that stores offer?  A lot of stores have emails sent out with specials and deals. Northern Reflections sends out one every little while that is just for email subscribers and if you mention the email and the secret word you get 40% off an item.

With the price of everything going up all the time it is worth the little bit of extra time to find the coupons and make a savings.  Another thing I do is find out when stores have senior days as there is usually a discount for that day.  Stores that have senior days are Shoppers Drug Mart, M&M, certain restaurants, Michaels, Donini Chocolate Outlet, and more.

Over the past week I saved $34 using coupons, price matches and money off on my groceries. The coat, bulbs and cards saved me about $125.  Have you used coupons or email coupons or price matching to get some great deals lately?  I’d love to hear how you save money.

It’s Friday, I’m off to check out the flyers for next week.

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