Birds and Reindeer at Christmas

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Just a month to go before the big day is here.  Are you ready?   Is anyone ever ready?  Or don’t you worry about it and just take it day by day?  I must say the older I get the less I get stressed/concerned about Christmas.  It really is just one day in the year.

Don’t forget the birds over the holidays. Last year I made up some gifts for the bird lovers on my list.  Layer the different types of bird seed into a jar and wrap the lid.  I used brown paper and twine for a natural look.   I added some all season suet into a basket and attached the recipe.   The only thing purchased was the wire basket as the jars are saved from pre-bought spaghetti sauce.  I like the Classico jars as they resemble mason jars.

a gift for the bird watcher at

These little  bird feeder ornaments are made from squares of plastic canvas, a little clear cup of birdseed and a little bird.  Stitch the plastic canvas in a variety of colours and patterns.  Before you glue the little cup of seed into the middle of the bottom and top pieces add a loop of yarn to hang from the tree.  Glue on your little bird and you are all finished.

little bird feeder ornament at

One year I made a series of felt birds and created a nature tree.

the bird tree at

This poor tuckered out reindeer is just exhausted after a busy night of pulling the sleigh for Santa.  This is a fun little gift to give to teachers, assistants and others on your list.

a tuckered out reindeer from

I used to wear my Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer pin when I worked with kids.  It’s made out of a wooden bead about 3.5 cm in length, half a brown pipe cleaner, 2 google eyes, a red pom pom and a brooch pin or a loop of yarn.  This is a craft I made with Brownies one year.  It’s the kind of craft you can figure out how to make just by looking at the photos.

reindeer pin at

Everyone needs some magic reindeer food to sprinkle on the ground to guide Santa and his magic reindeer to their house.  Be sure to make environmental friendly food using sparkling coloured sugar instead of glitter.

magic reindeer food at

 When we spent the holidays with our family in British Columbia we made some magical reindeer food to sprinkle on Christmas Eve.  Our granddaughter, 4 at the time, wrote in her letter to Santa that she wanted him to bring snow for Christmas.  What a magical time when it started snowing on Christmas Eve and they got to sprinkle the food in the snow.

sprinkling magic reindeer food on Christmas Eve at
Christmas line
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