Blooming and Blooming and Blooming

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The gardens are blooming and blooming and blooming.   Wow, the weather has been gorgeous and the plants and shrubs are loving it.  Here are some of my bloomers.

In the front garden there are poppies, snow on the mountain, iris, fuchsia, potentilla all putting on a colourful show.  
The lady’s mantle, daylilies, and lavender are budding.  The tipsy pots got moved over to this area of the garden, just a few feet to the right.  They were being overshadowed by the huge hostas in the area by the front door.

June blooms

The  front diamond garden has iris, coral bells, oxeye daisies, yellow molly alliums and daylilies blooming.



The yucca or Adam’s needle, is sending up 2 flower spikes this year.  I can’t wait to see the flowers.


Up on the hill the poppies and wild phlox are blooming with wonderful colour combinations.  The grape vine is showing promise of lots of grapes this year.


The garden workbench sees lots of activity.  I found an old towel rail and added it to the side of the bench so now the garden gloves can hang without drooping way down low and it makes for better access to the storage under the bench.  The old mailbox holds all the garden tools.

The veggies are doing really well and their are blooms on the peas and tomatoes.  Another new adventure in growing for me this year is sweet potatoes.  I’ve grown the sweet potato vine as a trailing plant in planters but this year I purchased 3 plants that should yield me some lovely sweet potatoes.  My friend Karyn at The Village Green in Foxboro told me all about these ones.  She also has an amazing heirloom seed business, Terra Edibles, if you are looking for fantastic seeds.  The next time I am there I must take lots of photos and share her store with you.


Other new adventures in veggies are kale and okra and white pumpkins.  I’d show you everything but there is only so much you can put into one post.

The kitchen is blooming in a different way.  The renovation is almost done … it is at the waiting stage … the counter top is ordered and should be here in a week or so.  The new cabinets, wall oven, cooktop and microwave are in and everything is amazing.  I do have a post in the making about the before and after, but here is a sneak peek.


Do you notice the fancy counters … a bit of the old one with the sink in it, and plywood.  The front of the cooktop can’t be finished off till the actual counter top is installed and it is mounted into it.  And of course the backsplash can’t be added till the counter goes in.  This is just one view from the extended dining room opening.  It’s not totally finished but it is way better than it was.

I’m sure you are enjoying lovely blooms in your garden.  What is your favourite bloom so far?

It’s time to share with Fertilizer Friday,  Cottage Garden Party and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

Sprouting:  french vanilla marigold, clematis seeds, zinnias, cosmos, calendula, golden goblin, 

Leaves:  hostas,  bee balm,  ribbon grass, 4 o’clocks, canna, purple hyacinth beans, vine nasturtiums, sweet peas, peruvian daffodils, morning glory

Budding:  daylilies, oxeye daisies,  stella d’oro daylilies, purple coneflower, coreopsis, lady’s mantle, lavender, astillbe, yucca, drumstick allium, 

Blooming:  bleeding hearts (pink & white), ground cover phlox, coral bells, phlox, potentilla, , snow in summer, peonies,  lily of the valley, iris, heuchera, yellow molly alliums, dianthus

After Blooming Leaves: tulips, daffodils, honeysuckle shrub, mini iris, trilliums,  lilacs, solomen seal,

Seeding: lunaria, poppies,

Veggies:  pole beans, okra,  scarlet runner beans, bush beans, Egyptian walking onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, kale, tomatoes, peas,

Flowering Veggies: peas, tomatoes

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