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Series I enjoy and have written reviews about:

Canadian author Mike Martin

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Sgt. Windflower Books:

  1. The Body on the T
  2. The Walker on the Cape
  3. Beneath the Surface
  4. A Twist of Fortune
  5. A Long Ways from Home
  6. A Tangled Web
  7. Darkest Before Dawn
  8. Fire Fog and Water
  9. A Perfect Storm
  10. Safe Harbour
Sgt Windflower mystery series by Mike Martin

Craft books

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Gardening books

Cookery Books

The English Kitchen cookery book by Marie Raynor
The English Kitchen cookery book

Reading Accessories

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a little magnetic bookmark I received as a gift

I keep track of my books at Goodreads, but I’m still a pencil and paper person and love list making.

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So my tracking system for taking to the library is a little black book (4.5 x 6.5 inches)  with a page for each author and a list of the books I’ve read.  This is a little binder with rings that open and shut so pages can be added.  The author pages are all alphabetical and the current ones I’m reading have a little stickie on the edge so they can be found easily.  The books in the series are listed and then checked off when read.

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