Relocating the Bottle Tree

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This morning saw the end of a garden area in the garden that has been going for two years.  The bottle tree came down.  However all is not lost as I found a new home for the bottles till something new can be built.

 I knew this was going to happen this year but I was hoping it would hang on for another month till the morning glory blooms had all finished.

the 'glory'ious bottle tree at craftygardener.cs

I mentioned in my last post about the bottle tree that I had spied some fungus growing at the base of the old lilac tree.  The tree had been slowly dying with cracking branches, branches breaking off and more fungi growing in different spots.

fungi growing on the old bottle tree at

I had even set up a brace, like big tent pegs, to help it stay upright.  But the tree just kept leaning to one side, till this morning when I tried to adjust the brace that I heard a crack and the base broke right away from the remaining root.

the bottle tree at

It could of been the combined weight of the bottles and the vines that finally finished it off.  I was glad I was there to ease it to the ground as if it had fallen in a wind or rain storm it could of left a messy cleanup of broken bottles.  I collected as many seeds from the morning glory as possible.

It might be down but not out!  Out of the old something new is born.

bottle tree at

I moved the bottles onto various branches of another lilac tree … this one is still growing.  This will be a temporary location until we get a new site set up.

bottle tree at

This location was already home to one of the twirlers and the bamboo wind chimes.  I just had to trim a few bits of the tree and put the bottles on.  The good thing is there is lots of space for more bottles. I was even able to move the gnome home and ladder to the same location.  We do have plans to make a new bottle tree for next year, probably using a post and some dowels.  It’s good to have a project on the list ready to make for next year.

I’ll have to find a spot for it in the garden journal.  It can’t go under trowel & error as it was a success as far as growing the vines was concerned.  For now I’ve put it under Relocation

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Relocation: bottle tree

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The bottle tree over the past two years.

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