Braided Covered Plastic Coathanger Pattern

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-2 strips of material -2 different colours – jusst over 3 yards long each
-plastic coat hanger, try to match the colour of the hanger to the colour of the material
-patience as sometimes getting started takes a few tries
Please share the links to these patterns and do not post the whole pattern on another site or message board. The pattern may not be sold but items made from the pattern may be sold at craft shows.


Find the middle of the two strips and put them around the hanger at the base of the big hook. Put 2 colours on one side and 2 on the other. Knot each side.

braided coat hangers at
You start with the top strip on one side – right side — it is the first one to go down underneath the hanger, through the two strips on the left side, up and over the wire and becomes the bottom strip on the right side.
Now take the top strip – left side – go under the wire, through the 2 strips on the right side, over the wire – that becomes the bottom strip on the left.
Go back to the top strip on the right and go under the hanger, through the 2 strips, over the hanger and this one becomes the new bottom strip on the right.
Go to the top left strip and do the same thing – and then this one becomes the new bottom strip.
Continue “braiding”, alternating from left side to right side. My plastic hanger has small hooks and you just need to work your way around those hooks and continue braiding all the way around the hanger back to the base of the big hook.
You can knot the strips securely and I also stitch them into place as eventually those knots will slip undone.

braided coat hangers at


Once you get the hang of braiding with 4 strips the hanger is covered quickly.
I think I prefer this braiding done on a plastic hanger as they are more sturdy than the wire ones and you have the added benefit of the small hooks for hanging items on.
I don’t guarantee this pattern to be perfect, as I am not professional but just someone who wishes to share this pattern with others. I’m much better at making the item than writing the pattern down.
Have fun making this adapted way of braiding over plastic hangers. 

  1. Katherine Armold

    Your hangers look good to me. The hanger had left looks like that. Thanks for the pattern.

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