Bursting with Blooms for July

 It was amazing to see what had burst into bloom while we were away for the first half of the month.  Everything looks so lush, full and green.

The front gardens have filled in with all the various plants.  When we left there were no flower stalks on the hosta and now they are tall and blooming.  I’ll leave them a bit longer but I tend to cut off the flower stems as they start to look untidy.  This is the shady side of the house, perfect for hosta, ferns, ligularia and other shade loving plants.

front gardens in mid Juy 2015 at craftygardener.ca

It was the beginning of June that I last did an update of what’s growing, what’s blooming, what’s finished and I have been busy moving plants around in my journal section at the bottom of this post.  This section is more for me to keep track of when plants blooms or fail.

the windmill garden in mid July 2015 at craftygardener.ca

The rudbeckia have multiplied and multiplied in the windmill garden, so much so, that they are hiding the fountain garden from the front.  The above photo was taken from the back of this area.  Something will have to be moved for next year … will it be the flowers or the fountain?

My favourite shasta daisies are in full bloom in the front diamond garden.  This clump has been steadily growing since it was planted in 2013.

shasta daisies in mid July 2015 at craftygardener.ca

Daisies are the flower of purity, loyal and happy love and are the symbol of innocence … give them to someone you truly care about.


The echinacea provide lovely purple blooms

purple coneflower in mid July 2015 at craftygardener.ca

As you can see I can’t resist taking macro photos of the various blooms as well.

purple coneflower mid July 2015 at craftygardener,ca

I’m sure I could go on forever sharing photos of the blooms, but don’t want to bore you too much.  I’m sure you have lots in bloom in your garden too.

I’m sharing with What’s Blooming This Week.

garden journals – 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016

Showing growth: stonecrop red carpet, stringy stonecrop,  ribbon grass, sedum, Peruvian Daffodils, , canna, yucca,  ligularia, anemone, bloody dock, mountain bluet, painter’s pallet, potatoes,  zinnias, elephant ears,

Blooming:  pansies, violets,  yellow iris, bleeding heart,  incarvila,  fuchsia,  sand cherry, poppies,  honeysuckle shrub and vine, stella d’oro daylilies, nine bark, oxeye daisies, feverfew, hosta,  false spirea, obedient plant, beebalm, coreopsis, purple coneflower, 4 o’clocks,  wegelia, morning glory, scarlet runner beans, purple hyacinth beans,  zucchini,  cosmos, dailies in orange, peach, red and maroon, drumstick alliums, 

Blooms are finished:  daffodils, tulips, mini iris, violets,  trillium, bugle weed, lily of the valley, lilacs, solomon seal, jack in the pulpit,

Harvesting:  Egyptian Walking Onions, beetroot, peas 1, peas 2, radishes, rattlesnake beans, Valentine black beans, tomatoes, basil,  parsley, sage, dill #2,

Trowel & Error:  birdcage planter, dill #1, 

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