Button Trees

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I’ve come across this cute craft a a few different craft shows this year.  I did a search on the internet and found all sorts of places have this idea posted but I couldn’t seem to find out where it originated from.  I even found them for sale on etsy.  I think the idea might of originally come from the Martha Stewart website with a slightly different idea.  It’s never too early to start Christmas crafting.

Here is the perfect reason to hunt through the button jars or tins that hold your collection of buttons.  If you don’t have any buttons you can purchase them by the bag at craft stores for a reasonable price.

You need 10 buttons with holes instead of shanks.  This makes it easier to thread them together.  The buttons should also be in varying sizes that will stack together in a pyramid shape.  The colour doesn’t really matter but you could group them together in colour shades if you wish.  You also need 3 smaller buttons, preferably the same colour, for the trunk of the tree.  You also need a needle and fishing line to string them together and a loop of string about 2 inches long.

Here is my selection all sorted and ready to make.  I just need to find some star beads for the tops of the trees and thread them together.  You could use fishing line, or a thin but strong thread.  You start at one side (make sure you have a needle that will fit through all the holes on the buttons) and thread all the buttons on. Then once you are at the top, add a loop and start to thread down the buttons.  Tie a knot firmly at the bottom.  You could use string or cord for your loop.  Be sure the loop is big enough to hang onto a branch of your Christmas tree.

Here are the 2 button trees that I purchased at the craft sale.  The young man that made these was selling them for $1 each and donating all the money to the fire fighters food drive.

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