Shawls: Life Way

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I recently completed a test pattern of the Life Way Shawl by Amy of lovemademyhome..   This was a nice pattern to follow and repeated the same rows, so once I had figured out how to do the different squares … Continued

Scarves: Stacked Squares

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I recently tested a pattern for Amy of lovemademyhome.  It was a great little pattern to crochet and consisted of two rows, so once you remembered that you could crochet away while watching tv and not have to keep referring … Continued

Drink Cozies

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When working I used these cozies all the time for my water containers.  I used to partially freeze the water in the container and then top with cold water.  As the day went on the frozen part melted and kept … Continued

Rescue Nests

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Here is a fantastic project to do some yarn stash busting and help an amazing wildlife cause.  I’ve been busy with the crochet hook making rescue nests. Thanks to Nicola at Nicola Knits for sharing this information about the Wildlife Rescue Nests … Continued