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The weather continues to improve and I’m able to spend more time outside.  There are lots of garden jobs at this time of the year so doing a few each day makes the load seem less.  It’s time for Five on Friday with five things that made me happy this week. decorating  2. Seedy Saturday  3. sound of wind chimes  4. tipsy pots set up  5.  planting seeds

I”ve been adding bits and pieces all week to the garden.  The tree faces give personali’tree’ to the trees and posts and stumps.  The bottle tree was started, the fairy doors were added to the posts, the wind chimes are hanging in the trees and the pots stored int he garage all winter were brought outside.

personali'tree's at

Last Saturday we went to the Quinte West Seedy Saturday.   There were many vendors selling seeds and items from their farms.  There were all sorts of seed vendors with a huge variety of seeds.  I’m trying rattlesnake snap bean,  black valentine bean,  beets and snow peas this year along with the other things I usually grow.

Quinte West Seedy Saturday 2015

The swap table at Seedy Saturday was an interesting place with boxes of seeds that the vendors had donated and gardeners like myself had brought in to share.  I left lots of seeds for hollyhocks, lunaria, morning glory and some of my Egyptian walking onions.  I picked up sage, dill, and some beans.   There were many knowledgable people to talk to and I got to meet Amanda from Cooking in Someone Else’s Kitchen.  I’ve followed her blog for a few years and it is nice to put a face to a blogger.

We wait all winter to sit outside in the shade of the gazebo and listen to the wind chimes.  Even when I’m inside I can hear the tinkle of the chimes through the open windows.

in the garden at

The garden is in various stages of set up. The tipsy pots are stacked and ready to fill.  The bottle tree is starting to sparkle in the sun and the old garden tool wheel finally has a place to be displayed under the mail box feeder.

garden decorating at

But best of all this past week has been playing in the dirt both inside and outside.  The planting of some seeds and root plants … dill, sage, pean, beets, canna root, incarvilla root, and elephant ear root has been happening.

2015 seed starting at

I’ve never grown elephant ears before but I’ve seen lots of them growing.  Unfortunately the incarvilla or flowering fern and the elephant ears aren perennial in my part of Canada, which means I’ll have to dig and store them over the harsh winter.  I’m going to try both of them in two of the biggest pots I have.  I’ll have posts about them as they progress, right now they are snuggled into the soil in pots and there is nothing to see except what they looked like before planting.

planting roots at

What have you been doing in your garden this past week?

I’m sharing with Five on Friday and Heather has started a new link up called Weekly Garden Update, which fits in perfectly with me as this is my third year of doing my garden updates for my online journal.

Poking through: daffodils, tulips, rhubarb, sedum, daylilies, peonies, stella d’oro daylilies, daylilies, sedum, drumstick alliums, ribbon grass,

Showing growth: stonecrop red carpet, stringy stonecrop, Egyptian Walking Onions, 

Budding:  lilacs, honeysuckle shrub,

Planting outside:  peas, beetroot

Planting inside: sage, dill, canna, elephant ears, incarvila,

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