‘Soup’er Recipe: Chicken Soup

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Chicken soup is a favourite in our house. This time I used an extra chicken breast that had been poached, added stock and veggies and had a delicious soup in no time.

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  • 1 chicken breast previously cooked
  • 1 carrot, chopped
  • 1 potato, chopped
  • green beans, frozen celery and onion (1/4 c each)
  • 1/2 cup noodles
  • 4 cups water
  • chicken bouillon
  • seasoning to your taste

As usual I make my soups using noodles that are gluten free.

making chicken soup at craftygardener.ca

I use my favourite chopping tool to cut the potatoes and carrots and my favourite chicken bouillon to add to the water to make the stock.

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  • Bring water to boil
  • add 1 tsp bouillon to 1 cup of water
  • add all chopped veggies, frozen veggies and chicken
  • do not add pasta at this time as it doesn’t need as long to cook
  • bring to a boil, then simmer till potatoes and carrots are soft
making chicken soup at craftygardener.ca

Add pasta when veggies are just about soft. Continue cooking till noodles and veggies are soft.

making chicken soup at craftygardener.ca

Cool and portion for later. We prefer soups/stews on the second day as the flavours have seeped right in and it always tastes better. This made 3 good sized portions for later in the week. It would freeze well too, just double the amounts and freeze the rest.

making chicken soup at craftygardener.ca

A delicious soup for a chilly day or a not so chilly day.

making chicken soup at craftygardener.ca

I’m sharing with Souper Sunday, where you can link up your soup, stew, chili, soupy curries, salad, or sandwich dish.

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Soup is always in season, find a delicious recipe that just might become your new favourite.

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  1. Myrtle

    I like making homemade soup, Dave loved soup just about anytime. I will use up what I have in the freezer before I make more. We have some colder weather ahead after the rain so the soup will be good.

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