Going Round in Circles

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The idea had been mulling around in my mind for ages, time to think outside of the box (or square) and get into the round. I’ve been making crochet circles of different shapes and I’ve put them all together into my latest ‘purse’onality project.

The rest of my crochet bags are either made with granny squares or stripes, so it was time for a change.

blue granny square bag at craftygardener.ca

 My bags are always lined, done at the end of the project.  This time I made the bag backwards, starting with the lining and the crochet strip that would hold it all together.

This was a great project to use up those odd balls of left over yarn from other projects.  There was material left over from my towel apron and that determined the colour of the yarn I would use for this first bag.  I keep all the odd balls of yarn organized by colour in storage bags, which is a great way to quickly find what you want.

making a circle bag at craftygardener.ca

The lining was made (no photos while actually sewing it).   Then a strip of double crochet was made to fit around the top of the bag and then sewed onto the lining.  This would be the base line for attaching the circles.

making a circle bag at craftygardener.ca

The circles were made from different colours of yarn, all in the beige and brown colour scheme.  At first I pinned them on to see if my idea would look right.  Each circle had a long tail left on it when finished off so this would be used to stitch them into place.  Some bigger ones were placed on first, then the medium sized ones got a bit of overlapping here and there and finally the small circles were used to stitch on top of the spaces as circles don’t fit together as well as squares.

making a circle bag at craftygardener.ca

The ones at the sides and bottoms were wrapped around the sides or bottom and secured into place.  One thing to remember is to be working onto the wrong side of the lining, so that when finished all the seamed edges and left over tails were tucked inside.

making a circle bag at craftygardener.ca

Here you get a peek at the inside with a good size pocket and the pinning on of the strap and lining.  This bag has a single strap done in double crochet and is attached at each side.  Adding the lining stops the strap from stretching out when in use.

making a circle bag at craftygardener.ca

It’s all finished and ready for use.  Each side is different to the other.

making a circle bag at craftygardener.ca

I certainly will make this bag again using some different colours … perhaps greens, or black/grey.  I’ll have to see what colours I want to use up next.

It is satisfying to cross off another project on my crafting to do list … towel apronfixing of the gate tree, , gnome logs, fairy pot house, stash afghan in blues, stash afghan in multi, crochet twiddle muffneedle casefingerless mitts, circle tote bag, driftwood, owl, hair bows.  Added this week is a cute pattern for hair bows that I saw at one of my favourite blogs and an owl that I’ve had on my workbench for awhile but forgot to add to the list.



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