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I love to plant in containers other than flower pots.    Repurpose those chipped or cracked teacups into little planters.
The ladder planter has a collection of old teacups, teapots, tea kettles, bowls and dishes that I plant in.  Most are planted with succulents.

If the succulent is in a plastic flower pot and then inside a container I will sink the pot into the ground to over winter it.  If the plant is directly into the container then I store it in the garage over the winter.  Winter in my part of Canada can be very cold and if these little plants were just left outside the freeze thaw cycles that happen over the winter would more than likely kill off the plant.

craf-tea planters from

Teacups make great little planters.  If you don’t have any chipped ones in your cupboard you can purchase them at garage sale and thrift stores.  If I’m going to use these little planters in the garden I glue the cup to the saucer and then glue it onto a colourful bottle or a bud vase.  Then it can be slid over a stake in the ground and is easily lifted off for cleaning.

craf-tea planters from

These planters have little pots with the plants in them placed right inside the cup.  The reason I use a little pot is to stop the plant from drowning.  When I water the plants or when it rains the cups will quickly fill up with water as there is no drainage.  I’m still not brave enough to drill in china.

craf-tea planters from
craf-tea planters from

I can quickly and easily lift the little pot out, drain the cup and re-insert the pot.

Another reason I love the little pots is that it makes cleaning the tea cup planter so easy.

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After being in the garden for awhile the teacup feeders and planters get quite dirty.  Just lift out the little pot, remove from the stake and with an old toothbrush and a bucket of water you can scrub them clean them so they look like new.

craf-tea planters from

Some of these tea cups started out as bird feeders but I found the birds didn’t use them very much so some were converted to planters.

teacup feeder by
teacup feeder by

 Old tea kettles are not just for boiling water in.  They are wonderful for planting in either directly or with a pot inside.

craf-tea planters from
craf-tea planters from

These little tea cup feeders or planters would make cute gifts for Mother’s Day, birthdays, wedding or baby showers.

Keep your eyes open for teacups the next time you go to garage sales or thrift stores.

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